Why it’s worth quitting this Stoptober

Published at 01 October, 2015.

Why it’s worth quitting this Stoptober

Why it’s worth quitting this Stoptober

There are plenty of benefits from quitting smoking, from the financial benefits to improvements in your health. But did you ever think about it from these perspectives?

  • Smoking takes up time

The 5 minute fag breaks you used to take at work don’t seem like they’re having the biggest impact on your time. But it all adds up.

If you and your partner smoke 30 cigarettes a day, in one month you’ve already spent 4,200 minutes smoking.

By stopping this Stoptober that means you gain an extra 70 hours of your life back every month. Put it this way - that’s enough time to master a new hobby or watch 35 two hour films.

  • Think of the distance!

Cigarettes are small but we all know of the powerful impact they have on our health. To show yourself the significance they can have it’s time to look at them in a new light.

If you and your partner smoke 30 cigarettes a day, in one year you’ve smoked the height of 230 elephants.

Can’t imagine it? That’s a tower of cigarettes reaching 919.8 metres high - which is almost 3 times the height of The Shard in London!

  • Keep a hold of your cash

No one would deny that smoking is an expensive habit to have. If both you and your partner smoke, it can be a big drain on your income.

If you and your partner smoke 30 cigarettes a day, in one year you could pay your entire gas and electricity bills for the next 3.5 years instead.

Altogether that’s £4639.15 between you. Just imagine what you could spend that money on!

  • You aren’t doing it alone

Throughout the month Yorkshire Smokefree will be supporting you kick the habit for good. Whether you’re visiting our quit shops, speaking to an adviser or find help in our daily encouragements on Facebook always know that someone else is going through this with you.

Over a quarter of a million people quit smoking during Stoptober last year, it’s time for you to join them!

Research has shown that social quitting dramatically improves quitting success. Grab a friend and you’re 36% more likely to quit for good. If your partner stops with you, you’re 67% more likely to stop.

We can do this.

Start your quit here: http://online.yorkshiresmokefree.nhs.uk/user/register

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