We’re supporting Breathe 2025!

Published at 03 November, 2015.

We’re supporting Breathe 2025!

We’re supporting Breathe 2025!

The 10 year campaign across Yorkshire hopes to inspire a smoke-free generation within the next decade - a big challenge, but we’re determined to make an impact.

The amount of young smokers is dropping every year. Alongside evidence that if a person has not started smoking by the time they are 26 they are very unlikely to ever start, with a huge effort it may be possible to encourage the next generation to be smoke-free.

As a supporter of Breathe 2025 we’re excited to announce our pledge:

We pledge to educate others on the harmfulness of smoking, continue to help smokers quit for good and encourage a smoke-free generation.

Let’s get to work!

If you’d like to make your own pledge to help the Breathe 2025 campaign, please visit: http://www.breathe2025.org.uk/#pledge

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