Proud to be a Quitter!

Published at 03 March, 2016.

Proud to be a Quitter!

A Year 11 student at a Sheffield school received support to quit from the Yorkshire Smokefree Service and Zest, Children and Young People Service.

Below he shares his quit journey with us.

Why did you start smoking?

“I started smoking in Year 10, so I was smoking for about a year. I started because my mates were smoking and people were offering it to me. I tried it because I thought it looked good. Then it went from buying one off a mate to buying a pack from the shop. It just built up, I could be smoking up to 10 cigarettes a day.”

What were your reasons for stopping smoking?

“I’d been thinking about stopping for about a month. I started to notice I was spending all my money on fags. I was fed up of hiding my smoking from my mum and dad. I always had to find places to smoke where I wouldn’t be seen.”

How did support with the Yorkshire Smokefree Service and Zest help?

“The advice given from Andrea and Lisa (Stop Smoking Advisors) was really helpful. I found the nicotine spray helped to get rid of my cravings quickly. We did a carbon monoxide test which showed the amount of carbon monoxide in our bodies. It was good to see how quickly the carbon monoxide gets out of your system.

It really helped to not be around other smokers, I just kept myself out of it. I stayed in the first couple of nights while I got used to not smoking.”

What have been the benefits of stopping smoking?

“It’s good to see how much money I am saving, I've been saving about £30 a week and £120 a month. I used some of the money to get my bike fixed.

Since I’ve stopped smoking, I’ve started my motocross back up again. I’ve been able to go out on my bike and have a good ride. It’s good to get fitter and get all the rubbish out of my lungs. 

I’m proud of myself to be able to say no to people when they offer me one. I’m also glad I don’t have to hide it anymore from my parents.”

What would you advise other young people who want to stop smoking?

“I would recommend getting support from the Yorkshire Smokefree Service and Zest. You just have to put your mind to it!”

If you would like support to stop smoking visit to see the variety of support available to stop!

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