Yorkshire Smokefree Supports National Stop Snoring Week 2020

Published at 22 April, 2020.

National Stop Snoring Week 2020

This year Yorkshire Smokefree are proud to support the National Stop Snoring Week - an annual event run by the British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association whose main aim is to raise the awareness that nobody needs to suffer as a result of snoring. They have previously launched an interactive survey to identify various aspects of snoring types, self diagnosis and treatment options, to better understand what action can be taken to relieve the pressure this issue exerts on the sufferer, their partners and their loved ones nighttimes and help protect and allocate NHS resources effectively in the future.

Snoring is a complaint that currently affects an estimated 44% of 30-69 year olds in the UK, and over 40% of the country's adult population as a whole. The male to female ratio is approximately 2:1, with 29% of males but only 12.5% females snoring regularly. There are many types of snorers, some of which are: mouth breathers, tongue base snorers, multifactorial and people with small collapsing nostrils. Once you identify your snoring type you will be ready to access a wide range of lifestyle advice and information on a variety of treatment routes.

It is widely known to sleep experts that if you are a smoker your chances of suffering chronic snoring issues are higher than normal, depending on the amount of cigarettes smoked per day - because nicotine irritates the membranes of the mouth and nose, partially blocking the airways and causing inflammation. Quitting the use of cigarettes and other tobacco products often brings about quick results for snorers, reducing irritation and obstruction. The health benefits begin only 20 short minutes after you stop smoking, with heart rate and blood pressure dropping.

Just a day after quitting your lungs will begin to work better, as carbon monoxide leaves your body. Your ability to breathe more easily increases day on day, week on week, month on month. Better circulation and functional lung capacity is reported by many patients, as well as less coughing and shortness of breath, your risk of other more serious smoking related diseases falls by up to 90% if you are under 40. 

This month Yorkshire Smokefree, run by South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust can inspire you to improve your lifestyle and by proxy, help you to decrease the frequency and severity of your snoring patterns. 

Throughout your full-stop journey we will make it easy to stay motivated and on-track to achieve success with our specialist NHS support. We offer one to one’s, discussion groups, completely free telephone services and a pioneering online quitting program.

Friendly, confidential and flexible, we have helped thousands of people with smoking related sleep problems just like you take back full control. We tailor our resources to suit your individual needs, ensuring you are smoke-free as fast as possible, and drawing up a collaborative action plan for you without judgement or pressure. 

It's never been easier to kick the habit and get a peaceful night's sleep, so this National Stop Snoring Week make an informed choice to revolutionise your bedtime and get in touch with us for a prompt Callback Request today! 









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