Health benefits timeline

The amazing thing about the human body is that it takes just 20 minutes to start noticing small health benefits. 

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Benefits to your health begin the minute you stop smoking

Health Benefits - Heart20 MinutesBlood pressure and pulse return to normal

Health Benefits - Hand1 HourYour circulation improves, your hands and feet feel warmer

Health Benefits - Circulation8 HoursNicotine levels fall, circulation improves

Health Benefits - Lungs1 DayLungs begin to work better, carbon monoxide removed from body

Health Benefits - Senses2 DaysYour taste and smell improves, Nicotine removed from your body

Health Benefits - Breathing3 DaysEnergy levels increase, breathing becomes easier

Health Benefits - Walking2 WeeksWithdrawal symptoms begin to ease, walking and daily tasks become easier to do

Health Benefits - Energy1 MonthWithdrawal symptoms have stopped, breathing and energy levels continue to improve

Health Benefits - Heart Attack6 MonthsRisk of heart attack, cancer and other ‘smoking’ diseases begins to fall

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