Lisa's Top Tips for a Successful Stoptober

Published at 04 October, 2016.

Lisa's Top Tips for a Successful Stoptober

Do you remember our quit blogger Lisa? Lisa is now 4 months smoke-free (huge pat on the back, Lisa) so we thought we would ask her to share her top stop-smoking tips with you to help you through Stoptober. Here's what she had to say...

  1. It is October and it is the big push for  Stoptober, but... do NOT start stopping smoking before YOU are ready to.

If the promotional stuff has made you think  more about your smoking and helped you decide that you want to stop – then don’t feel pressured to rush to meet the start of October . Be realistic – think, plan and get ready with NRT or whatever is right for you, if you start a few days into October or the very last day or a day in December, the most important thing is you do what you can to be ready . This is your challenge, this is your journey and no one else can do this for you!!!


  1. Be prepared – Blue Peter style with one you thought of earlier!

It’s hard to stop smoking, make no mistake about it.  You know you better than anyone. What’s your weakness? Think about it and have tactics and thoughts ready to combat the mental assault when it comes.  For me, it was the putting the weight on and im still struggling with this now. So prepare, try tweaking routines. Make sure that you are really committed to why you are doing this – is it for you, it for someone else, is it a little bit of everything – the more reasons you come up with the easier it is to find an argument against picking up a cigarette when the little devil is on your shoulder telling you “ that you aren’t really that bothered anyway!”


  1. Read all about it.

I don’t mean to actually read all about it – I found a lot of the health messages quite  condescending and they weren’t my reason for stopping smoking so didn’t help and were quite annoying in the early stages! Tell everyone, or tell no one but decide on your communication method with friends, family and colleagues. I was amazed at the amount of support, interest and checks given to me via everyone I knew – and those I didn’t via the blog!!! I’m also not one to show weakness or admit to public failure so this very bold open statement of stopping smoking was a major driver in my success. I also found that it made me feel better than people understood I was trying something and that I had people to share the experience with.

However you do it and especially if you decide to go it alone I would really recommend signing up to the Yorkshire Smoke free telephone service (0800 612 0011). Its free, they are great to talk to and give some good advice but mainly just to have someone listen to how you are doing.


  1. Prepapre (again)! 

Did I say prepare?? I mean long term prepare. I was probably good for the battle in the first few weeks but as time went on some aspects started to affect me which I hadn’t bargained for and affect me more now after 4 months of not smoking than they did in the first few weeks. The content of what affects you may change and over time it’s easier to say No to a cigarette – it is still hard!!

Be prepared to go with flow and give yourself time, your body time and mind time to adapt and keep adapting. For example now the immediate urges are gone, my main focus is the amount of weight I’ve put on over the last few months, so now my focus is to look at how I’m eating and new patterns / routines I’ve got into to help me out of the first stages of stop smoking .  The fun just keeps on coming!! Seriously though when I read back over the messages of support from people that are longer into the journey 6 months, 6 years etc…they all say that it was worth the pain and change and that they urge you to keep on going – remember your reasons for starting this journey and why you wanted to stop smoking.


  1. Be positive!

Be honest and as my Mum used to say to me "all you can do is your best. If you have give it your best, then I nor you can ask for anymore"!

And remember...

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!!!

Good luck everyone!



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