Lisa's Stop Smoking Blog - Day 6

Published at 08 June, 2016.

Lisa's Stop Smoking Blog - Day 6

I’m starting straight off with a little bit of Boomtown Rats “ I don’t like Mondays”

After such a great finish on Friday and a what felt like a coast through the weekend journey – Monday has hit hard.

Clearly people around me are noticing a slight difference in my behaviour and mannerism, I think I’ve heard the phrases “bit straight to the point today aren’t we” “you seem manic” “just calm down for a few minutes” “ooh..had a bad weekend?” Today is the first day I’ve felt I need to say to people that I have stopped smoking to try and justify my current change!!

Seriously – is this normal? Do people find that they have less patience? Lose a bit of emotional intelligence? I definitely still physically feeling a twitch, needing to be doing something at all times? Any tips on how to manage this or even how long this bit lasts would be great. 

I am not sure why I feel this more at work, as with most workplaces, my job is really busy so it’s not like I haven’t more than enough to keep me busy during my working hours.

Another downside I’ve noticed today – and its not a pleasant discussion – but toilet habits seem to have gone haywire too. Does smoking affect your toileting too?

The positive from today – I have to try and find some - I didn’t verbally or physically abuse anyone. Even my partner is pleasantly surprised at not having to lock up the cutlery draw after 6 days without a cigarette ( I am of course scouring the lowest form of dark humour here to try scrape myself out of the feeling sorry for myself bottom of the barrel)

I am slightly cheating – as I am writing this blog at 10pm on the evening of Day 6, so officially not made the full day yet. I  can guarantee you though, after putting Henry to bed and sat here typing in my pjs – no cigs in the house (hallelujah) and no chance of going to the shop or persuading anyone else to go to the shop for me I will see the day through. 

I’m not sure if any aspects of what I am sharing resonate with people that have stopped, have tried to stop or are stopping at this time but writing these updates is actually helping me take stock of what’s happening and probably to accept it and fight it better than I have ever done in my previous attempts to stop smoking. If you are checking out these blogs – did you know that there is also a Smokefree Facebook page that runs the same information?

I do take on board everyone’s comments , support and advice and you may find that others who share comments and advice on the Facebook page useful to you in whatever stage or thinking you are at in regards to your smoke / smoke free journey. I also promise to stop posting pictures of cigarettes and cake! Come say hello. 

I’m signing off for tonight, going to try and get some sleep –my mind feels tired but physically I feel wired, hands fluttering about like I’m practising to become a mime artist! Sweet dreams…until next time.

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