Lisa's Stop Smoking Blog - Day 4 and 5 - the first weekend!

Published at 07 June, 2016.

Lisa's Stop Smoking Blog - Day 4 and 5 - the first weekend!


Day 4 and 5… or most popularly known as Saturday and Sunday – the WEEKEND!! I made it!!

The house is thoroughly scrubbed and rubbed, laundry done, ironing done, gardens mown!!  The family came back home after their jollies away, so bags to unpack – lots of stories and adventures to catch up on. I’ve been a busy bee over the weekend, keeping myself, mind and hands busy and out of a cigarette packet.

I actually have found Days 4 and 5 quite unremarkable in the sense that I have tootled through the weekend with less of a craving and urge to smoke. It is great to be at home though and to be able to keep myself flexible, basically doing what I want when I want to keep myself entertained and busy.  It also helped that I was very happy to have my boy Henry back home.


Do people generally find weekends harder?

I though perhaps they did as my smoke free advisor sent me a few text messages of support through Saturday – reminding me how well I am doing – and another on Sunday, this time pointing out that my sense of smell would be getting better. That is definitely true, I have started to notice the smell from the candles I burn in the house – quite liking the scent of Fig!!

AND… one of my reasons for stopping smoking was so I could run better. Yes, despite the fact that I have smoked for 20 years, it hasn’t stopped me doing physical exercise and I’m sure some of you can share my annoyance at people commenting such as, “Wow, you do well running – considering you smoke!”

However, I did struggle a little to catch the breath when I tried to speed up, and although my running is more slow stampede I am proud of what I achieve and I bring my race medals home for Henry – who has a rather nice collection across his curtain pole of my lung busting efforts.

Soooo… I went to my social run group (social because we spend as much time drinking, eating cake and chatting as we do running = my kind of group) on Sunday night as normal and I managed to match my fastest ever 5km!! That’s fantastic how much easier I managed to get my breath while running after only 4 ¾ days of not smoking!!

The weather on Sunday was glorious so I treated myself to a glass of wine in the garden and as shared on Friday ( Day 3) I have gained immense satisfaction from ticking another two day boxes off my stop smoking chart ( I know I’m a list geek J).

And today’s playlist… “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen -First Weekend being smoke-free, SMASHED!!


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