Lisa's Stop Smoking Blog - Day 26-29

Published at 01 July, 2016.

Lisa's Stop Smoking Blog - Day 26-29

Have you missed me? :-P

I’ve been preparing myself for the withdrawal of blogging as I come successfully to the end of my first month without smoking. It’s a strange goodbye, and I do hope to be back to give a quick update on my journey in a few months’ time –  even sooner if I need to pick your brains for some tips or need a virtual hug to keep me going!

My official support ended yesterday, although I am confident in knowing that the Yorkshire Smokefree website,  Twitter, Facebook and advisors are still all there at the end of a telephone line or a click away – and who now-a-days doesn’t have a phone and access with them in their pocket or handbag?!

In some ways I am glad to be coming to the end of my blog on my first month of stop smoking. For those first few weeks and the odd rocky day the blog really helped me – to get your support, comments etc. made a huge difference and I cannot thank everyone who took part in any way enough for their time and interest.

It has helped me realise how many amazing people I have around me and how very lucky I am with my friends, family, home and my gorgeous boy  Henry. Things that I have to be honest I sometimes take for granted and the daily review for the blog has made me regain some of what I had let get lost in the mire of daily grind.

So in some respects, making the decision to stop smoking was a sign of belief and respect for myself – yet in doing the blog it has renewed my respect  and  appreciation for lots of others too. I have been genuinely humbled by those that have contacted me sharing the stage of their non-smoking adventure and those who talk about me inspiring them to try and stop. Me. Inspiring them! Wow! :)

The last week or so of blogging though has felt somewhat frustrating! I’m feeling like I am coping well, battled the shock of withdrawal (to be fair I haven’t even had a spray of my NRT for 3 days) yet the constant review of considering my day in context of my stop smoking journey has become tiresome.  I am not saying I won’t have days when I find it hard – many have contacted me to say how the craving can pop up after years and years of not smoking and I am not saying that I won’t ever use my NRT again – it’s my constant companion and I’m comfortable with that! What I am saying is that I’ve emotionally, mentally and socially moved on… I don’t think of smoking every minute of every hour, I don’t even think about it every day. What a difference 29 days makes!!

Even when I look back over my blogs and think of the conversations I’ve had, I cannot believe who far I have come in such a short space of time – and you could too!!!

I am know hoping the same determination and effort pays off with my diet  - after the shocking weight increase in the first three weeks of eating instead of smoking, that’s also now coming down and heading in the right direction. Who knows with all this extra time on my hands, I may even start to get round to brushing my hair in a morning – or maybe practise taking a selfie so I don’t look like such a strange person :)

I am  going to finish as I started, and confirm that the decision and journey whether to smoke or not is yours, and I shall not complain or cough obviously in your direction should you cross my path with a cigarette but if you are in any doubt and want to give it a try – just do it!  Take your time, plan, get help from Yorkshire Smokefre), get NRT, tell everyone for support, you do what you can.  Most importantly decide when its right for you – and why your trying to make the change -it really is all about you! If you fail, rethink, re plan and try again – this isn’t my first time trying. I genuinely feel like I’ve beat it and I am beyond hopefully and confident in myself to continue this journey without a cigarette. You all take care, have fun and be “ Happy” ( Pharrell Williams)

L xoxo

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