Lisa's Stop Smoking Blog - Day 24 and 25

Published at 28 June, 2016.

Lisa's Stop Smoking Blog - Day 24 and 25


Friday whizzed past and I’m not sure whether I’m super busy still because of kicking the habit but I’ve been extra busy! I missed my timed appointment for my stop smoking support call from the Yorkshire Smoke free – by gum those girls are persistent!!  Sam rang back later and left me a message and they are always there  when you get chance to call them back – so how ever busy you may be, there is no excuse to not make the support service work  for you and they are NEVER funny or awkward because you didn’t make the appointment call!!


It was a weird start to Friday morning – and as I sat catching up on the post referendum outcome– for the first time in many days I so wanted a cigarette!! It came from nowhere, sat chilling, watching the TV. Yes to be fair my little grey cells were whizzing over the details of the vote and something must have agitated me but the craving was strong, luckily after the support of the last 3 weeks I was stronger!!


Following Thursdays pamper session with Clare I can now go formal with the amazing news that her partner Ade proposed and they are now engaged! Obviously I already knew as Ade have pre-arranged for close friends and family to meet them after the proposal planned for Friday for a meal. I would usually have used my smoking time to keep taking a break and making sure I didn’t let the cat out of the bag when we met up for my birthday but instead I spent my time gabbing on about my last few weeks of stop smoking – so again, the stop smoking chat saved me from otherwise aimlessly chattering and dropping out the big secret!! PHEW!!

stop smoking blog day 25


During the meal , catching up with friends, some of who had been keeping up with the blog – quite a few of them had been previous smokers and gave me some good tips and thoughts to keep me positive over the coming months ( the one I used earlier about the craving being strong, but me being stronger was one of them).


I think I’ve already mentioned the Tom Jones event earlier this week, as a celebration of all the money I’ve already managed to save by not buying cigarettes in the last 3 weeks. Although I was confident that I wouldn’t have an easy access to a cigarette should the event …and probably more importantly the drink lead me to temptation, I was still a worried about how bloody-minded I can be when I want to be , and being under the influence would not be helpful!!!

Now up to date I have stuck with my mouth spray and it is carried with me at all times…I wanted to be extra prepared against any weakness in my willpower and so for today I also found out an old E-cig and charged it up.  I need not have worried – managed it through the event and honestly did not even get any cravings beyond the usual stuff that’s sorted with a squirt of my NRT mouth spray! Tom was amazing, me, my mum, two sister in laws (all non-smokers) has a great time. See…..I can have fun with friends, alcohol, and music AND without a cigarette!!

stop smoking blog day 24


Now I know that my blog may seem really busy and quite a nice life of social events and occasions I can guarantee you that it isn’t and this has been quite an unusual month of activity for me.  I am a full time working mum with a home to run, cleaning, laundry, bed changing, grocery shopping – the usual rock and roll shenanigans of being an adult. I am so very moody (I am “the crab” star sign Cancer) but equally I am normally quite a positive and active person. So regardless of the life trials and run of the mill business – if I only get a few extra moments of some of the lovely events that I’ve been involved in with friends and family over the last four weeks – over those extra 10 years I’ve earnt from stopping smoking, wow I find that quite amazing and a real motivator to keep going!!

Until tomorrow!



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