Lisa's Stop Smoking Blog - Day 21

Published at 23 June, 2016.

Lisa's Stop Smoking Blog - Day 21

Happy 21 to me, Happy 21 to me, Happy 21 no smoking days…Happy 21 to me!!


It seems strange celebrating my 21st, it’s something that I thought was well behind me – but hey, I’ve worked hard these last few weeks – as I’m sure anyone who is on, or has experienced stopping smoking appreciates more than most …and I am going to take any opportunity to treat myself. Particularly with the finance update that as of today I have saved £ 144.00.

If someone said to me that I could save £144 in three weeks and not notice it from my money I would think they were absolutely mad - box of frogs, need a hat, mad! That’s just what I’ve managed to do – instead of buying the cigs, I’ve pocketed the money and to celebrate my 21st, I am now going to spend it!!!


Made plans with my Mum (non-smoker for 4 months) and my two sister in laws (both non-smokers, one for over 5 years and the other over 3 years) to go to the Doncaster Races and celebrate this coming weekend with a bit of Tom Jones. I know there will be alcohol and giddiness but I’m also hoping that with everyone at different stages in the smoking battle I will be supported, shouted at and thoroughly threatened by the girls to keep me on the straight and narrow. To be honest, I am more worried about the potential Health and Safety risk to Tom Jones from my mum – I have already had to warn her that at her age she should NOT be taking spare panties to throw at Tom – he will either think someone is parachuting in or get wrapped up in them thinking someone had thrown him a duvet!!


Had a good day at work again too… still out on the road with Danni, so the change in routine has really helped break that stigma I had got into about the need to smoke more during the working week – got another couple of roadshow days before I’m back in the normal work routine, so hoping the short change round has given me more confidence to return to the office environment without turning back into the twitchy gibbering wreck I had become over the previous few weeks. I suppose I am really lucky that this change of work came at this time. I would definitely recommend if you get a particular day, place or activity that you are convinced has a negative impact on what you are trying to achieve – change it! Just change something, whether it’s where you sit, what you do, the routine of pattern of how you would normally do it for a few days, just try and break the cycle to give yourself a chance to get over that block!


I’m not going to try and dissect the ups and downs through the day – I would say they are what anyone would normally experience and not related to stopping smoking – and to be fair whilst I’m on such a streak of good days, I am really not going to pull it apart and question it. As unlikely as it seems to anyone that knows me well, I’m past trying to be in complete control of everything around and within me – I am going with the flow!!! (well almost).



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