Lisa's Stop Smoking Blog - Day 17

Published at 21 June, 2016.

Lisa's Stop Smoking Blog - Day 17

I'm getting a little nervous… when I did try to stop smoking before I managed up to day 19 and then I didn’t see day 20 without a cigarette.

I do honestly feel in a stronger better place than I can remember from my last attempt  - although the memory of only getting to day 19 is on my mind! In fairness the last time I tried to stop smoking, I didn't have the support of yorkshire Smokefree, and I had no real understanding of the NRT products. I simply got myself an e-cig, just decided I'd stop and didn’t think about why.

I didn’t time it well either in regards to making a serious quit plan and I had no idea what was in store for me those first few weeks . I actually caved back to the need and support of a cigarette after a few days away with the family – including 8 kids and 5 alcohol drinking adults, a hot tub and a nasty oven burn from preparing the pizzas - so I suppose there’s plenty of good reason for why I didn’t make it.

Knowing all that though doesn’t stop my mind nagging about getting to and past Day 19!

Working with Danni today and reading her blog comments yesterday I feel less self-conscious about what I’m saying and how I look so that is a big bonus – particularly when I’m delivering roadshow information to various people from lots of different professions and who I would prefer not to look completely stupid in front of!!

I had lots to catch up on with Daz and Henry today. Firstly because school had done a special lunchtime picnic in honour of Father’s day, quite nicely tying it up with a cheeky celebration for the Queens 90th birthday. Secondly as Darren did not return home till very late last night, due to the England Football Match. I am hoping that he wasn’t one of those seen jumping on top of the single decker buses on Doncaster High Street in celebration of the football match win – if he was he’s definitely more mobile than he has led me to believe over the last few years and will find himself DIY and gardening this weekend!! 9 1/2 hours out for a 90 minute football match – really!!!?? 

It's  safe to say that any frustration that’s been built up today will be quite rightly punished onto Darren later.

Hope you are all enjoying the football – or whatever else you are managing to find to do to keep away from it !


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