Lisa's Stop Smoking Blog - Day 15

Published at 16 June, 2016.


My Quit Plan message for today tells me “ Withdrawal of symptoms are coming to an end and your lung capacity and circulation have improved”.

Considering the amount of time I could talk without taking breath anyway I’m not sure how welcome this would be to my nearest and dearest. Seriously though I am looking forward to getting my trainers back on and seeing if I can breathe any better and perhaps pick up a little pace. And there is the song for the day – Prodigy "Breathe”

Today has been a strange mix.

My NRT prescription has been a disaster today – managed not to scream at the poor lady in Boots. After trying yesterday to get my prescription from one Boots pharmacy I couldn’t because their systems were down and not on line. I had to trek into town at lunchtime to a different store to be advised that as this was my second prescription for NRT and I had my previous prescription from another pharmacy – that I had to go back there to get my next one! Now I am sure in my heady excitement of planning and starting to stop smoking this may have been mentioned but I honestly cannot remember it – which is now going to cause me a huge problem as I picked my initial prescription up at my local pharmacy which I can only get to on a Saturday due to my working hours and opening times. Fingers crossed I have enough mist to see me to Saturday.

To be fair, when the lady in Boots was apologising about it, it was as if someone had told me I was one number off winning the lottery – I felt so frustrated, annoyed and angry about it. I think I did even mutter something about well perhaps all your pharmacists should be able to give the right advice, would have saved me coming back for a second visit for nothing before realising I was being a complete arse!

Probable grumpiness also partly down to having to spend the bulk of the day contacting back people about the outcome of the interviews id been sitting the previous few days. It was great for the two people I offered posts to but is sooo hard having to phone and pass on the not so good news to the other applicants.  I ended up on the phone for hours and missed my Yorkshire Smokefree support call today, I’m ready for a touch base after my prescription upset – I’ll be back onto the gang first thing tomorrow!!

On top of that and wider than my normal self-obsessed world, its been the first time for a few days I’ve really caught up with the activities across the world -  Orlando has been across the news, football violence and many more, how can you not sometimes be overwhelmed by the meaningless loss and actions in these situations.

Therefore, I am only blaming stoppin smoking 50 / 50 for this moody outburst at the pharmacy today!

This evening got slightly better – I’ve only gone and signed up to Weight Watchers!! Now before people tell me I shouldn’t try and do too much at once or ill fail at it all – I’m already with you folks . My purpose for WW is to try and control weight gain, and hopefully stop the weight gain whilst I’m going through the first few months of stop smoking. I am absolutely thrilled (as twisted as this may seem) to confirm that on top of 15 days without a cigarette, I am now managing to curb my greed for all things sugar and spice and this week I have only gained ½ LB.  

Considering my weekend pie and peas, fish and chips at the seaside, oh and my KFC with Henry last night, as well as the sweets I’ve demolished this week (thank goodness for having done some exercise!!) I am really really pleased with a ½ lb gain!!!  My target for next week is not to put any weight on at all, be assured if it comes to a slice of cake or a cigarette – until I beat the cig, the cake is going to win every time.

As I’m doing this blog I thought it would be interesting to see how my weight changes over the period – I know I’ve asked before but anyone who has any tips on how not to replace a cigarette with a bar of chocolate or huge slab of cheesecake is most welcome. I have tried the healthy fruit and salad replacements but when I rummage in the fridge and see celery or a fudge – the celery isn’t leaving the fridge, I must just have no will power for my sweet tooth!

How’s your day been? Does anyone else give themselves a song for the day and if you do, you sharing? Come one – what’s your song?



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