Lisa's Stop Smoking Blog - Day 1

Published at 31 May, 2016.

Lisa's Stop Smoking Blog - Day 1

Hi I am Lisa and I’m a 40 (something) year old mother, daughter, niece, sister, partner, friend, worker….and smoker.  I have been smoking now for over 20 years.

Crazy as it may seem to non-smokers, I started smoking in my 20’s to avoid having to answer the office phones whilst everyone else was out having a cig break!!! Most smokers will no doubt understand how that started a twenty year habit – and one that I am now determined to break!

I have tried a few times to “rough it out” obviously without success – the reasons (excuses) I have made over time have been many:

  • I was putting on weight, and I’d rather be a smoker than big!
  • I was constantly mardy and felt bad for the impact it had on others, so I did them the favour of smoking again
  • Well, I don’t do much for myself , smoking is my break, my treat!

You name it, over the last twenty years I’ve probably used it as a reason to continue smoking.

I have known for years it’s bad for my health. I’ve tried the first few days of “Stoptober”, complained every time the budget puts a few pence on a packet, spent a small fortune of sprays so no one has to smell me… but ive carried on smoking.

So, why is this time different?

For me, I have decided what I want and what I need to do to improve my chances of getting there. The reason for anyone to stop smoking has to be something that is individual to the you. For me, as an older mum of a young boy (Henry, age 6) and after recently joining a running group to keep me active, plus my aunt and mum who have smoked for over 40 years successfully recently stopping – its created my perfect stop smoking storm.

I want to stop smoking for me, for my son and for my family.

I have thought long and hard over the last few months on setting these goals and what I need to do to help myself get there. I am an all or nothing girl and I also like to do things my way so I had to be completely sure this time that I was really really  going to commit to stopping smoking. As determined as I am I realised that I need some help with this, someone to give me practical advice, help me with the alternatives to help me stop and someone who was not connected to my circle of friends and family to talk about how things were going for me.

Most importantly though, I know me better than anyone else does and I wanted someone to listen to what I thought would work for me and help me build my own plan to tackle the huge challenge of putting out that last cigarette. And that's where Yorkshire Smokefree comes in. I am signed up and ready to work with my telephone advisor. I have a call planned today and I will let you know how that goes in my next blog post.

As part of the journey, I am going to try and share my ups and downs, the good days and bad days with you, in the hope that you may be interested in thinking about stopping smoking yourself . If you decide to try, maybe you can get some good tips or at least understand that you are not the only person who feels the way that you do when you start the journey.

If you decide you don’t want to , then you may still get some amusement out of sharing my stop smoking adventure. The decision for you, is yours and I can promise you there will be no lectures from me!

I am nervous, excited, petrified by the thought of failing and joyful at the thought of success – wish me luck!

For anyone out there starting their quit journey with the mighty cigarette – good luck to you!

My soundtrack for today is Ant and Dec "Lets get ready to rumble". My decision is made - today is my last day as a smoker, 31st May 2016.


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