Barnsley Hospital - Doctor's Training

Published at 30 July, 2015.

Barnsley Hospital - Doctor's Training

Our Barnsley team have been doing a fantastic job in developing our service in the community!

Advisers Emma and Paula took part in the induction training day at Barnsley Hospital this week. As a part of the training for new hospital staff, our team passed information about the stop smoking service within the hospital.

Everyone who attended was given an explanation about the effects of smoking and how Yorkshire Smokefree can help people quit in the area. They were also each given a pack that contained what the referral pathway of “Ask, Advice, Act’ to get the relevant patients who want that extra bit of support to our advisers.

Rebecca Barnes is one of the F1 doctors who attended the training event. She came over to have a word with Emma and Paula, giving us this great feedback -

“I think this is a really good service. In fact, it’s essential!”  

Thanks, Rebecca! We’re looking forward to continue to build our presence in the area.

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