Ask the Advisor - Stephanie

Published at 18 February, 2016.

Ask the Advisor - Stephanie

Meet our advisor, Stephanie, who has been helping people just like you become smokefree for almost 5 years.

At Yorkshire Smokefree we have a team of expert advisors committed to helping those who want to stop smoking. From one-to-one support sessions, a friendly chat over the phone or online, our advisors are there to help you manage your cravings and provide behavioural support and guidance that will help you break the habit for good.

We know quitting smoking is hard work, some of our advisors have even gone through it themselves! We’re a friendly and approachable team who will never judge and we’re committed to helping your smokefree journey be as smooth as possible.

What has been your most memorable quit story?

There are so many great quit stories. One I remember in particular was a few years ago.

A man in his thirties wanted to quit due to his Asthma. He was a heavy smoker who didn’t believe he could quit because he suffered with anxiety and depression.  His friends and family discouraged him from stopping smoking as they believed it would make his anxiety worse.

His GP had encouraged him to attend a stop smoking clinic to see what could be offered.

He had a few slip ups, but persevered and did stop smoking. After stopping smoking his asthma improved but he was surprised to find he was less anxious and seemed to have much more time.

He thought that smoking was helping him cope with anxiety, but found that it was really holding him back. He had to plan his day around smoking opportunities and became very worried if he didn’t know when he could smoke next which prevented him from doing things. He wouldn’t go to bed if he didn’t have any tobacco left for the morning.

He said that he felt like he had more freedom since stopping smoking which I thought was a lovely way of articulating how a lot of people who stop smoking feel.

What’s the youngest age someone has approached you for support?


What’s the oldest age someone has approached you for support?

Over 80, it’s quite usual for older people to access the service. It’s never too late to stop smoking. 

On average, how many sessions does each client attend?


What do you find is most effective when encouraging someone to quit smoking?

Making the support personal to that individual.

What do you love most about your job?

Seeing how quickly people notice their health improve!


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