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I wanted to stop smoking to live a more active life. I have two grandchildren, and I want to be able to chase them around! I also want to be here to watch them grow up.

I have quit smoking many times, but this time feels different as I have used 2 Nicotine Replacement products together, which I have never done before. I am feeling great and very optimistic about staying quit. 

As well as using the products, I have learned to change my routine and my behaviours to help me quit. I used to drink up to 20 cups of tea daily and always had this with a cigarette. I drastically reduced the amount of tea I drank, and this helped.

Through the Yorkshire Smokefree service, I have accessed group support in Wakefield and found this helpful. They listen to everyone’s stories and struggles and allow me to no longer feel alone. We all support each other, and I think I must go regularly.

I have noticed many benefits to quitting smoking, including breathing easier, not coughing as much, feeling less tired, walking further and more free money. I also have more quality time with my family as I do not have to nip outside for a cigarette! My dentist has also noticed improvements as my teeth and gums are much healthier.

After 42 years, I can finally say I am a non-smoker.