Tracey and Colin

Tracey and Colin happy, healthy and smokefree outdoors.

Congratulations to couple Tracey and Colin for successfully kicking the habit during the lockdown, boosting their health and finances with the support and guidance of Yorkshire Smokefree. We chatted to them about their experiences with us. 

What was your main reason for accessing the service?

Our main reason was to care for our health, but finances and the toll smoking was taking on our bank account was a major factor in our choice to quit too. 

Did you believe you could achieve 4 weeks smokefree?

Yes, because we felt we could rely on each other and be strong together. Having a strong support system made us feel we could get through the challenges no matter what.  

Have you used medication to help you quit?

Yes, we were given Champix to help with cravings and block withdrawal symptoms when we quit smoking. It was a 12-week course of medication but within the first 10-14 days, we were off cigarettes and feeling all the benefits quitting offers.

Starting the journey by combating cravings on a chemical level really allowed our bodies to adjust quicker, the ride was less bumpy and it was easier to stay motivated in the long run. 

Aside from medication, what else motivated you to stay smokefree?

When we began to see little improvements in our health day by day, it was rewarding. Such small leaps seemed like huge achievements, who doesn’t want to achieve something they’ve worked for? That feeling motivated us to stick at it and stay smokefree. 

Has your health improved since? 

Breathing is as it should be, natural, unrestricted and clear. Neither of us has that fiery sore throat or bad taste we used to have, and our taste has returned to normal. 

What have you done since which you couldn’t have before? 

With the money we’ve saved we’ve been able to fully redecorate our living room and buy new sofa’s, as we wanted the space to feel fresh and reflect our new lease on life. 

Colin has also bought a brand new bike, he’s been out cycling and he’s really energised. I’m considering joining him for a spin, we’ll see! 

How did the lockdown effect your quitting?

It had its pros and its cons, some days were low, some days we were able to focus on ourselves more deeply and make changes than we needed. 

Overall though, I’m glad that when we were in the midst of quitting we couldn’t pop down the supermarket or to the corner shop and be tempted by seeing cigarettes.

What advice would you give to others just like you? 

Support and accountability are essential when you’re considering quitting, especially accountability. It keeps your mind on the fact that you decide what choices you make in your life, good and bad. Not cigarette companies, not supermarkets, not friends, not anxiety or pressure, you.

If you feel inspired to by Tracey and Colin’s story and would like support in quitting, click the link to register for a Callback Request from our team today.

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