stop smoking case study wakefield

RC contacted Yorkshire Smokefree in Wakefield recently with a determined attitude to quit smoking for good. After starting at the age of 21 RC had been smoking for a full 27 years and decided enough was enough.

Here’s RC’s story:

Yorkshire Smokefree: Hi RC, can you tell us WHY you started smoking at the age of 21?

RC: I had broken my leg. It was a severe break and I was bored. All my friends smoked and I thought “why not”. I’ve smoked ever since.

Yorkshire Smokefree: How many cigarettes were you smoking on average?

RC: Between 16-20 per day

Yorkshire Smokefree: What were your reasons for quitting?

RC: I’d just had enough. I’m at a time in my life when I realise smoking is doing me no favours.

Yorkshire Smokefree: We are pleased you got in touch with us. How did you access the service during your quit attempt?

RC: I attended one-to-one appointments with an advisor.

Yorkshire Smokefree: How would you rate the service you received out of 10?

RC: Ten out of Ten!

Yorkshire Smokefree: Did you use stop smoking products to help you quit?

RC: Yes, I used Champix. I found this medication really helpful and it made quitting much easier than I expected. I also had a strong mind set; I kept telling myself I don’t need cigarettes.

Yorkshire Smokefree: Have you achieved anything new since quitting?

RC: Yes, I’ve started to cycle to work. I feel much fitter.

Yorkshire Smokefree: What do you NOT like about smoking?

RC: I didn’t realise it, but I’d lost my sense of smell. It’s returned now I don’t smoke and I didn’t realise how bad the smell is. I’m glad I no longer smell like that!

Yorkshire Smokefree: How much money do you think you’ve saved so far?

RC: I’ve saved at least £600 already and that’s how I managed to treat myself to a new bike.

Yorkshire Smokefree: What would you say to anyone who has recently started smoking?

RC: I’d say don’t do it. You’ll be better off mentally, you will be better off physically, you’ll be better off financially. Don’t tie yourself down with cigarettes – enjoy yourself, have fun!

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us RC. Our Wakefield stop smoking team are incredibly proud of you and of all you have achieved so far. Keep in touch. We are here WHENEVER you need us!

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