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Olivia successfully quit smoking this year and revolutionised her health, wealth and lifestyle. Here is her story, which is sure to motivate many others like her. 
At 24 years of age, Olivia started smoking up to 10 cigarettes a day due to peer pressure from negative associates, but after 33 years of feeling the financial pinch and struggling with increasing breathing and eating conditions, she finally wanted to make a permanent change. 
She contacted the Yorkshire Smokefree Service and decided to access free expert one to one support, she found to be “excellent” and “10/10”. She valued the clear instructions and good advice she was given. “It was brilliant!” She smiles.
In conjunction with this therapy, she also relied upon over the counter stop-smoking products to control her cravings. 
Since quitting Olivia has noticed an improvement in her breathing and has been able to begin regular exercise and physical training that she had not thought possible whilst she was smoking.
There has been a positive financial impact since quitting, as she has been able to save an extra £80 per month she would otherwise have spent on cigarettes. With the money she is saving, she is going to invest in her son’s future.
Her advice to her younger self and furthermore, anyone who has recently taken up smoking is “not to continue, it damages your health and causes disease in your heart and lungs. Meaning you could fall ill or die at an earlier age.”

If you feel motivated by Olivia’s story and get in touch with Yorkshire Smokefree for a prompt Callback Request today.