south yorkshire man quits smoking case study interview

Mark* was 20 years old when he first started smoking and after 40 years, he finally decided that now was the time to stop.  With the help of Yorkshire Smokefree, he managed to eliminate his 20 cigarettes-a-day habit.


Please tell us approximately how old you were when you started smoking:



How many years did you smoke for?

Over 40 years


How many cigarettes per day were you smoking on average?

Around 16 to 20 cigarettes a day.


What were your reasons for quitting?

Health concerns were my main issue but I didn’t like how much money I was spending on my habit.


How did you access stop smoking support?

After having a 1:1 appointment with a Smokefree advisor, we decided that the best option for me would be to try a prescription of Champix [12 week course of tablets].


How would you rate the support you received out of 10?

It was 10 out of 10!


How helpful did you find the treatment given?

Very good.  I don’t think I would have done it without the 1:1 support and the prescription of Champix.


Apart from products what else helped you to quit and stay smoke free?

The support from family was brilliant.


Has your health improved since you quit and, if so, in what ways?

I don’t feel out of breath as much anymore.  I’ve been thinking about joining a gym, which now feels like a realistic goal.


What do you like about not smoking?

I love not being out of breath regularly and no longer smelling of cigarettes!


*names have been changed.


If you feel inspired by Anthony’s story and would like support in quitting smoking, register for a call back at:

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