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Congratulations to Mandy, an ex-smoker who is sure to inspire many others to take back control of their lives and lungs using the Yorkshire Smokefree service. She sat down to tell us about her experiences, the following is her success story.
How did Mandy begin smoking?
Mandy had been smoking fifteen cigarettes a day for two years, having begun at 47 years of age. Her habit was formed as an unhealthy coping mechanism caused by her rocketing stress levels at the time, which she felt she could not control without smoking regularly. 
What action did she take?
Her motivations for quitting full-stop were her main concerns for her own health and her personal finances. She aimed to revolutionise her health and fitness, as well as her bank account. She was able to achieve these aims by using a powerful combination of patches and spray in conjunction with free access to weekly one to one support at Wombwell job centre, where she received excellent support which she found extremely helpful. “If it wasn’t for that I would still be smoking.” Mandy confesses.
How did her lifestyle change?
Since quitting she has seen many improvements to her new active lifestyle and standard of health, including an increased sense of smell and a much greater lung capacity during physical activity. She has even saved an extra £600 per year and is planning to celebrate her success by gifting herself a holiday abroad.
What advice would she give?
Mandy’s advice to anyone who has recently taken up smoking or is actively considering quitting is simply to “stop and get help from Yorkshire Smokefree in Barnsley.”

If you have been touched by Mandy’s story, and would like to receive a wide range of support services including telephone, online, group and one to one to help you quit smoking, register for a Callback Request today.