Lee and his partner

Since quitting myself and my partner have taken on the challenge to raise £200, whilst helping raise the awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Sadly, losing my mother to Alzheimer’s, I know too well the devastating reality of this illness and wish to help raise the awareness of the condition. 

Since stopping smoking I am now motivated to take on new challenges, even those that mean me getting a sweat on!  This has resulted in us supporting the national campaign, the ‘Memory Walk’ that is organised by the Alzheimer’s Society.  

For those who don’t know, this year the ‘Memory Walk’ is set for the 20th March 2021, but you can choose any date that suits you.  

We aim to complete three laps around three separate reservoirs. The reason we are completing three laps of three reservoirs is to raise the awareness that within the UK every three minutes someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. 

We did the first reservoir on Saturday 6th March, covering just over 6 miles.  I just wouldn’t have done this 6-8 weeks ago. My motivation to do things like this has increased massively since stopping smoking. My energy levels have increased, and I just feel fitter and ready to take on the next reservoir. After Saturdays walk, we have already raised £360 which is just fantastic.  

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