Me and my husband both started smoking when we were 16 year olds. My husband had smoked constantly for 32 years, I smoked for 15 years, stopped for 15 years and then smoked for 6 years again before quitting.

I started smoking because it was the 'done thing' back in the day. After my 15 year break of non smoking, it helped me through the menopause.

On average I was smoking between 31 and 35 cigarettes per day. The breathlessness and asthma were the main reasons for quitting, but also we haven't been able to interact for long periods with our 4 year old grandson.

I accessed the stop smoking support via the telephone support.

We used Chanpix to help us quit, it was easy to use, one tablet daily to start then twice daily for remainder of the 12 week period. Take it with food, but more importantly remember to take it!

I found that support from my husband, friends, family and the no smoking advisor really helped me to quit and stay smokefree. It is also nice to see the pot of money build up that would literally just have gone up in smoke.

My cough disappeared almost immediately, my fitness levels have improved which means being able to do things for longer without struggling for breath.

I haven't achieved anything since I've stopped smoking due to shielding and Covid restrictions, my aim once lifted is to commence bicycle rides.

I like that everything smells so clean since not smoking, I have better energy levels.

We have only not smoked for 8 weeks, but during that time we have saved over £350.00

We have purchased a new garden set, and intend to have another holiday once restrictions have lifted.

If I could go back in time or tell someone who has recently started smoking, I would say 
"Simply don't. We don't want to hear things in our youth, we always know what is best for us we think.
Learn from other people's mistakes and advice that is offered, it is provided to help you."

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