Gwenyth's Success Story

Congratulations to Gwenyth from Calderdale for successfully completing her smokefree journey with our service, she’s revolutionised her health, diet and her bank account. We caught up with her for an interview. 

What was your core reason for accessing the service? 

My main reason was my health. It all started when I was walking up a hill on my way to visit my sister, and I realised I couldn’t breathe, I began coughing and felt absolutely breathless. 

Did you believe you’d achieve 4 weeks smokefree? 

I never expected to, as I’d tried to quit with other services and on my won before and failed, but before I knew it I was hitting 4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks with Yorkshire Smokefree… I surprised myself and my family and friends. 

Have you used medication to help you quit? 

I was prescribed Champix, I stuck with the full course for 12 weeks. I found it extremely helpful and don’t think I could have succeeded without it - it’s honestly a wonder tablet! 

Aside from medication, what else helped you quit and stay smokefree?

All the love and support I received from my husband and children, the wider family all cheered me on too. They stood by me and encouraged me throughout the whole process, even when I had wobbles trying not to fall into the same traps that had caused me to fail during my previous attempts to quit. 

Yorkshire Smokefree’s guidance and services were also invaluable, I got daily texts, used the telephone line and had face to face meetings to keep me safely on track. 

How has lockdown helped your quit? 

It forced me to change my habits and routines, negative behaviours which hindered my progress in the past were reinvented into positives that do not include smoking or addictions of any kind. 

I threw my cigarettes away on the first day of lockdown, so I was no longer able to give in to temptation. One of my bad patterns was smoking in the car, not having places to travel to cut that out cold turkey, now the world is slowly starting to get moving again and I’m driving more often, smoking while driving is gone for good.

Has your health improved since quitting? 

I’m out walking every day, the simple act of breathing clearly feels so valuable. I don’t have to pause for breath, to cough or wheeze. I’m feeling so positive since I quit, even food tastes better! 

What else have you achieved since quitting? 

The amount of money I’ve saved is shocking, with the money I’ve saved I’ve been able to take up knitting. It’s more important to me than ever to give back to good causes, so I’ve been knitting little clothes, booties, and mittens for the local Special Baby Care Unit. 

If you loved Barbara’s amazing story and would like the same support in quitting, register with us for a Callback Request today!

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