Glenis & Gerald

local senior couple quit smoking wakefield west yorkshire stop cigarettes

Quitting smoking can be a lonely endeavour, to help ease the pressure have you ever considered quitting together with a friend or your partner? It’s proven that you’re more likely to succeed when you aim to quit as a pair… and that’s what Glenis and Gerald did!


The couple had smoked for over 40 years but for the sake of their health they decided to stop smoking together and reached out to Yorkshire Smokefree for free help and guidance.

Together, the couple received support from their local stop smoking venue in Wakefield and were in regular contact with their adviser Claire who was able to provide tips and advice every step of the way whilst discussing a prescription of Champix to help with nicotine cravings in the first few weeks.

Glenis and Gerald both told us how much better they are feeling since quitting – Glenis is now able to sleep through the night and can be considered for the surgery she has been desperately waiting months for!

With a new lease of life and extra money in their pockets (they’re already saving nearly £300 every month!), Glenis and Gerald have been able to take their grandchildren away for weekends and are reaping the health and monetary benefits of being completely smoke free! Congratulations to you both!

If you feel inspired by Glenis and Gerald’s story and would like support in quitting smoking, register for a call back at:

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