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What was your reason for stop smoking?

Health and financial reasons and because of how long I have smoked and because of my age I am 61 now. Also, seeing Smokefree Sheffield promoting the service on The Moor really pushed me.

Have you stopped smoking previously?

I have tried to stop smoking several times before on my own without support and have always failed. But now I have been smoke free for 12 weeks and could not be happier. 

Before your first appointment did you believe you would be successful?

No not without the support, help and encouragement from the service. The service gives you the will power and makes you feel like your not on your own.

Did you use stop smoking medication to help you quit?

Yes I used a vape, I feel I would not have quit without it as I have tried patches and other stop smoking aid and they have never worked for me.

How helpful did you find them?

Very helpful they replaced all my cravings and temptation to smoke cigarettes.

Apart from medication, what else helped you to quit and stay smoke free?

Knowing the Quit Shop is available in the market and having my weekly and fortnightly meeting with my advisor.

What do you like the most about being a non-smoker?

Knowing that little devil on my shoulder will no longer win.

Has your health improved since you quit and if so, in what ways?

Yes, my health has improved phycological andh physcially. 

Other than health, have you achieved anything since quitting that you couldn't do whilst smoking?

I have more cash in my pocket!

What have you found helpful whilst accessing Yorkshire Smokefree service?

Face to face appointments as I am a people person and feel I get more help, support and advice from my advisor.