A huge congratulations to Elaine from Doncaster, who was inspired to successfully quit smoking after losing her husband to smoking-related COPD. She is living a healthier lifestyle, enjoying greater peace of mind and honouring her husbands’ life every day she remains smokefree. We caught up with her to see how she’s getting on since quitting. 

What was your main reason for accessing the service? 

I suffer from COPD and I actually lost my husband to COPD, it was the catalyst that finally convinced me I needed to quit for myself, for my family and for the memory of my husband. I’ve seen what smoking causes, and it shook me to the core. I didn’t want to tread the same path into the grave. That’s when I contacted Yorkshire Smokefree through my local GP. 

Did you believe you could be 4 weeks smokefree? 

No, but at the same time, I knew I didn’t have a choice. I had to quit or my health would have become unmanageable and extremely risky. 

What medication did you use to help you quit? 

Personally, patches worked great because they were so simple. I can pop a patch on and forget it for several hours, in that time having no cravings. It was so helpful. 

Aside from medication, what else helped you quit and stay smokefree? 

Positive distractions have been my greatest weapon throughout this process, it’s just one of the useful tools I’ve been given by my advisor. Being able to contact the service by phone during moments of weakness and stress while I was grieving really made me feel supported in a way that no medication alone could. 

How has your health improved since you quit? 

My COPD symptoms have gradually reduced and become more manageable, so I’m able to breathe much easier now when I go for walks and move around day today. I’ve also noticed I’m feeling calmer and less anxious. 

Have you taken up any new hobbies or had an achievement since you quit?

I’ve taken up mindful knitting for the little ones at the local maternity unit, given everything that’s going on it seemed a good way to occupy my hands (that were used to picking up cigarettes during periods of boredom). 

With the money I’m saving not buying cigarettes is going towards a beautiful memorial for my husband, which our son is going to build for me.

Has lockdown help you quit or made it more challenging? 

I’ve been able to spend more time talking to my advisor, which has made the lows of lockdown fly by and been a great comfort for me. Not going outdoors and being tempted to buy cigarettes has made staying smokefree easier.

What advice would you give to other COPD sufferers who want to quit the habit?

No matter how bad things seem, its never too late to improve your life and health if you start today. 

If you feel touched by Elaine’s story and would like support in quitting go ahead and register for a Callback Request from our experts today.

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