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Congratulations to Dawn who has been smoke free for nine weeks already! We’re pleased to hear how well she has done since accessing our service. Find out how she quit and get inspired to start your smoke free journey!

Dawn initially contacted Yorkshire Smokefree following a referral from Barnsley Hospital after a bout of pneumonia and being seriously unwell. Her husband had recently quit smoking cigars, and prior to stopping smoking, Dawn was smoking 20-30 cigarettes a day.

Dawn had already accessed Yorkshire Smokefree services two years ago where she had successfully quit but unfortunately had recently started to smoke again. Last time she accessed the service, Dawn found patches and lozenges worked well for her plus knowing her husband had recently quit smoking spurred her on to do the same.

Whilst in hospital, Dawn was given NRT and she wanted to maintain her smokefree life following discharge from hospital.

Dawn rated the service she received from Yorkshire Smokefree as excellent and the support she received was 10 out of 10! Dawn says, “not only have Yorkshire Smokefree helped me stay away from cigarettes, the process has helped me within other areas of my life.” Dawn rediscovered her love for crafting and found it was a great way to distract herself from cravings; she found that keeping herself occupied with writing poems, sewing and painting helped fill her time and bring a smile back to her face.

Dawn has said the greatest benefits of no longer smoking is being able to breathe in fresh air, food tastes better and that her sense of smell has returned.  She has been able to save money since quitting and has been able to treat herself to a new haircut and some extra craft supplies.

Her advice to anyone wanting to quit is to make sure your mind is ready for the change – willpower is important and stay focussed by thinking about all the other things you could do with you time besides smoking.

Dawn produced a cross stitch design and poem to thank the advisor for all her support and help. Moving forward, Dawn will continue to attend her maintenance support appointments every month and more frequently if needed to support quitting and prevent relapse.

Well done, Dawn!

If you feel inspired by Dawn's story and would like support in quitting smoking, register for a Callback Request today.