Catharine wanted to quit smoking for her children and to help manage her chronic health conditions.

What made you decide to join Yorkshire Smokefree?

I wanted to stop smoking for my children and for my health because I have arthritis, diabetes and asthma.

Have you experienced any health issues before deciding to quit smoking?

My breathing was getting really difficult and I was always out of breath. It's had a negative effect on my life. 

How have you found Yorkshire Smokefree?

Very helpful, if it wasn't for you, I would have continued to smoke. Everyone has been so helpful and supportive. The home visits were really helpful, and they always rang to make sure I was okay which was nice.

What were the most positive changes you made to your lifestyle?

I thought I would put weight on with quitting, but I've lost a stone, so I am pleased.

What did you find most difficult about quitting?

The cravings were the most difficult. I drank lemon green tea, and lemon ginger tea which alleviated those cravings.

What health benefits/improvements in your life have you had since stopping smoking?

Breathing is much easier, I can walk my dog now and before I wasn't able to due to my breathing. 

How has stopping smoking changed your life?

My health has also improved, I feel better about myself. The air in my house is cleaner smells much nicer, as do my clothes! I appreciate the smell from my washing powder.

Is there anything that you feel particularly proud of, that you may not have been able to do before you received our support?

I'm proud I've actually managed to lose inches and pounds rather than putting them on. My mobility is much improved. 

Have you got anything else to say to anyone reading your story?

I think if there are people out there smoking, they should phone you up and attend an appointment. It would greatly benefit their health and they have a great support network with Yorkshire Smokefree.

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