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What were your reasons for stopping smoking?

Health reasons mainly! I have COPD. Also sinus disease and money.

Have you stopped smoking previously?

I have yes.

Before your first appointment, did you believe you would be successful?

I didn't no.

Did you use stop smoking medication to help you quit?

Yes, I started with Zyban but this didn't agree with me so discontinued that. I then tried mouth spray which also didn't agree with me because of my throat problems. So I ended up using patches alongside my vape.

How helpful did you find them?

Very helpful and took the cravings away.

Apart from medication, what else helped you to quit and stay smoke free?

My advisor, Clare Broadley, with her support and our chats massively helped me. 

What do you like the most about being a non-smoker/quit?

Being able to tell the doctors I've stopped when they ask me! My skin and hair are starting to feel softer. My husband has noticed a massive difference. My teeth are a lot lighter and no longer covered in nicotine all along the bottom and between the top finally.

Has your health improved since your quit and if so, in what ways?

My skin, hair and teeth are softer and healthier. I have a sinus disease which has been a little better but at least by stopping smoking, I have done my best to assist in recovery. 

Other than health, have you achieved anything since quitting that you couldn't do whilst smoking? 

Whilst walking my son's dog, I do feel that I can walk up the hill better and not as out of breath. I've also noticed I can do my CO readings better now, I struggled to breathe before. When I went for my COPD test and I couldn't manage it. 

What have you found helpful whilst accessing Yorkshire Smokefree service? 

Having the support to talk everything out, and ever when I couldn't attend face to face my advisor would ring me.