Yorkshire Smokefree Doncaster Enjoys Sucess at BT Call Centre

Published at 26 June, 2019.

Doncaster BT workplace quit

We are always looking for ways to help smokers quit for good and our Workplace Stop Smoking sessions are an effective way of helping larger groups of people to successfully become smoke-free.

Our Doncaster stop smoking advisors were invited to run workplace stop smoking sessions at the BT Call Centre, where a group of colleagues decided they wanted to stop smoking.

By following our quit programme for a full 10 weeks, which included attending a weekly meeting with one of our advisors, we are delighted to announce that 5 of the group are now confirmed ex-smokers. 


More about our Workplace Quit sessions:

Help your employees to quit smoking with Yorkshire Smokefree

Caring for your staff makes good business sense

Employees who feel valued are more satisfied in their job, increase productivity and reduce staff turnover. Helping your workforce to stop smoking or to reduce their exposure to tobacco smoke is a very simple and effective way to show them they are valued.

Yorkshire Smokefree can help you improve the health of your staff and their families and it won’t cost you a penny.

We can:

  • Deliver FREE smoking cessation groups in your workplace
  • Provide FREE one to one support to staff via phone, face to face or over online chat
  • Run FREE promotional smoking cessation stands to encourage uptake
  • Train key members of staff in brief interventions training for FREE
  • Promote stop smoking via payslips, notice-board, intranet, briefings, newsletter, screen savers etc

Contact Yorkshire Smokefree to discuss the possibility of hosting workplace stop smoking sessions for your staff.

0800 612 0011 (free from landlines)

0330 660 1166 (free from most mobiles)

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