Take Valentine’s Day to Heart – Stop Smoking Now!

Published at 13 February, 2019.

Take Valentine’s Day to Heart – Stop Smoking Now!

This Valentine’s Day, we’re encouraging smokers across Yorkshire to take the leap and quit for good.

When it comes to your heart health, quitting smoking is the single best thing you can do. In fact, Smokers are almost twice as likely to have a heart attack compared with people who have never smoked. (British Heart Foundation)

Your body starts to heal as soon as you smoke your last cigarette, so get started today! 

How does smoking damage your heart?

Smoking increases the risk of developing serious cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease and stroke.

    • Smoking damages the lining of your arteries, leading to a build up of fatty material which narrows the artery. This can cause angina, a heart attack or a stroke.
    • The carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood, meaning your heart has to work harder to make sure your body is getting the oxygen it needs. 
    • The nicotine in cigarettes stimulates your body to produce adrenaline, which makes your heart beat faster and raises your blood pressure.
    • Your blood is more likely to clot, which increases your risk of having a heart attack or stroke. 

Remember, you’re not alone! Yorkshire Smokefree are here to help you along your quitting journey. We provide services across South West Yorkshire to help you to stay smokefree for good. To arrange a chat with one of our friendly advisors, call us today on 0800 612 0011 (FREE from landlines) or 0330 6600 1166 (FREE from most mobiles).

Alternatively, if you’d rather someone called you back, fill in your details here and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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