Stop Smoking for Ramadan 2020

Published at 23 April, 2020.

Stop Smoking for Ramadan 2020

Ramadan is an annual Islamic month of fasting, prayer, worship, spirituality, reflection, impulse control and community usually lasting for 29 to 30 days in which smoking, eating, drinking and the use of tobacco products are strictly forbidden during fasting hours (with fasts expected to last for approximately 17 hours) due to them containing many particles which can reach the stomach lining. If you are observing Ramadan celebrations this year and want to avoid or reduce smoking it may be the perfect time to consider putting the focus on your wellbeing in the long term and taking steps towards kicking the habit for good.

You may initially struggle with nicotine withdrawal symptoms at the commencement of Ramadan, and therefore slowly reducing and replacing your intake of nicotine prior to Ramadan, including smokeless tobacco, waterpipe tobacco and eā€cigarettes are recommended when trying to introduce self-cessation techniques.

Fasting while suffering from nicotine withdrawal can feel like a nearly insurmountable challenge when going it alone. National data suggest that Muslim adults are the social group least likely to quit smoking, as roughly 14% of Pakistanis and 16% of Bangladeshis are currently much more likely to stop smoking permanently with the right ongoing support. That's why Yorkshire Smokefree is here with you during every step of your Ramadan full-stop journey - from start to finish.

Regardless of religious affiliation, every single smoker's experience of quitting smoking is very different and what works well for one successful quitter will not necessarily work brilliantly for another individual. Therefore we have lots of different treatment routes available to all our patients. 

Some NHS Stop Smoking Services have the ability to collaborate with your local mosques and Muslim community centres to use Ramadan as a bountiful opportunity for group education, promotion of reduction techniques, and securing new patients for regular follow-up support post-Ramadan and beyond.

Here at Yorkshire Smokefree, we provide you with a free 3-step action plan to help you quit for good, with full access to one to one and group support, telephone assistance and a trailblazing online quit program where you can set pledges and rewards, receive motivational messages via email or text, connect with other quitters just like you on our social platform, get a range of personalized tools and easily chat to our experts. 

We have helped thousands of Muslims just like you aiming to quit for Ramadan with both faith and health in mind, who subsequently became permanent non-smokers all year round. We not only provide specialist care, but we are also able to give confidential and judgement free behavioural support, as well as guidance on using the best stop smoking products to control your cravings, such as Champix.

You may even inspire your family, friends, loved ones and observers in your local communities to quit alongside you and achieve a healthier lifestyle, better lung capacity, save money and practice increased impulse control. 

Get in touch with our team today to secure a Callback Request to help you quit smoking this Ramadan and stay smoke free post-fast.


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