Step Up 30 - Bowel Cancer Awareness

Published at 08 June, 2020.

Step Up 30 - Bowel Cancer Awareness

All this month we’re championing Step Up For 30, the campaign launched by Bowel Cancer Awareness UK (the UK’s leading Bowel Cancer charity) in which participants an encouraged to get active in a variety of ways to help raise money to improve the odds of survival for people suffering from bowel cancer throughout the UK. 

Whether you Step Up solo, with friends or family, on Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp or posting on a range of other social platforms, with or without equipment, you can enjoy your fundraising by following along to your favourite fitness videos, getting out into your garden, venturing in the countryside, or giving the kids a PE lesson of your own, all you’ll need is 30 minutes each day and a positive attitude. 

You can expect to receive essential tips from experts and athletes on the best ways to spend your Step Up 30 and maximise fundraising opportunities, you’ll be added to an interactive online group to share each step of your progress, and get regular encouragement and updates from Bowel Cancer UK.  It’s easy to sign up and show your support, simply follow this link to get involved. 

Awareness and funding for bowel cancer is vitally important because it is widely known that every 15 minutes another patient is sadly diagnosed with bowel cancer, well over 42,000 people every year. A mind-boggling 7% of those cases are directly linked to regular, long term and frequent smoking habits, the number of severely affected patients increases depending on how many cigarettes are smoked per day. We know that smokers are much more likely to develop polyps (non-cancerous growths in the bowel) which can run the risk of turning into cancer if left to go undiscovered.

Here at Yorkshire Smokefree we can help you significantly decrease your risk of developing any of the risks which can contribute to the production and growth of cancer cells in the bowels. 

We here for you in a range of ways, offering expert advice, guidance and providing ongoing friendly and informal support via telephone, in-person, in groups or using our innovative online quit programme. Ensuring you always have access to the services you need in order to kick the habit for good, even if you’ve tried to quit before. We’ve helped thousands of people just like you to achieve healthier lifestyles, more positive mindsets and to avoid unnecessary smoking-related health issues like bowel cancer. 

If you are currently living with bowel cancer we believe it is never too late to put your wellbeing and quality of life first, change your habits and be your best self no matter your situation. 

So this Step Up 30 month, surprise yourself when you get involved in all the fun activities on offer, whether you are currently quitting or considering your smoke-free options it’s guaranteed you’ll start to notice the difference in your endurance, breathing and endorphins when you commit to 30 minutes of daily practice for just 30 days, good luck and get sweating! 

You can call our advisors on 0800 612 0011 (free from landlines) or 0330 6601 166, alternatively, get in touch with us for a Callback Request today.


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