Ramadan Detoxification Stage 2 (Days 8-15)

Published at 13 April, 2023.

Ramadan praying

During the second stage of Ramadan (following the first week) the body becomes accustomed to the fasting schedule. The digestive system can rest and focuses its energy on cleansing the body and healing cells, as the white blood cells in the body start to become more active.

Furthermore, in this stage, the organs begin their repair process as well. Old injuries and wounds may become irritated and cause pain. This is because the old scar tissue may not have had a chance to heal in the past, but during fasting, the body’s healing process is optimized so the old injuries and inflamed areas are trying to heal in the absence of additional toxins. The muscles of the legs can be especially affected since toxins generally accumulate in the legs.

Despite this pain and toxin-purging process in the body, you might notice that you have more energy and a clearer headspace. These are direct results of fasting, having a long-term benefits on your health.

Most smokers successfully reduce their smoking when fasting during Ramadan. Once opening the fast, this is typically maintained and more importantly you can enjoy the benefits of recovering your taste and improved health!

If you want to stop smoking this Ramadan our specially trained NHS Advisors are friendly, approachable, and non-judgemental and we can support you to take the first step. Our service is available in Gujrati, Urdu, Panjabi and other languages.

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