Poem for my mum

Published at 01 September, 2017.

Poem for my mum

With STOPTOBER officially one month away, the team at Yorkshire Smokfree has been preparing to get you aware of the benefits of quitting for one whole month!

Danielle wrote to Yorkshire Smokefree to show us a poem she wrote for her Mum after finally stopping smoking after 45 years. 


Dear Mum,

you've been smoking since I was little

and I remember how guilty you felt when I was around,

but I was only little so I didn’t care.

As I grew older, you decided to cut down,

In fear that the other school parents would start to stare.

You really tried and I could see you did,

But the habit took back over and I became the outcast kid.

“Why do you smell of smoke?” every child would mock,

I couldn’t explain, I was the laughing stock.


Dear Mum, you’ve been smoking too long now, I can hear the croak in your voice,

I can see the effects of every cigarette you smoke.

I know if you felt you had a choice

Then you’d stop

But you say you don’t.


Dear Mum, after 45 years, you're starting to quit,

and I couldn't be prouder.

You found help, you decided to just do it,

I see how difficult it is but I know you can succeed.

Now you have quit and you are freed,

Well done, Mum.



If you're thinking about quitting for Stoptober, the team at Yorkshire Smokefree are here to help. With free support and advice from our friendly, trained advisors; we will be with you every step of the way to make sure you get the best out of your Smoke-free journey. Call the team on: 

0800 612 0011 FREE from landlines
0330 660 1166 FREE from most mobiles.
And if you prefer, our webchat service is available through our website. 




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