Nine Previous Attempts and the Pressure was On...

Published at 04 August, 2020.

success during covid

Nine previous attempts and the pressure was on

Health was deteriorating and confidence gone.

Smoking at 13 when mum passed away

Today is the start of a brand new day


Struggle at times and then COVID appeared

The world is in lock down but she need not have feared

With telephone support , she rated it “10”

Confidently  Says  “she`ll never  smoke again”


From March to June then she`s a  12 week quitter

Her cough has gone , feeling so much fitter

Breathing is “easy” and  there`s money in the pot

Seventy pound a week saved, it sounds such a lot!


She tells that 13 year old  “do not ever smoke”

It will make you ill and it can make you broke

She gives thanks to the service , and all of my support

Success during COVID is nice to report!

stop smoking service

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