How to stay smokefree this Christmas

Published at 03 December, 2020.

How to stay smokefree this Christmas

Staying smokefree is one of the most difficult things people face, especially over the Christmas period due to triggers and feeling stressed or anxious about the situation. As we know people struggle, we are keen to help and keep you smokefree.

If people are smoking around you, remove yourself from that room or environment, if your friends and family know you are smokefree ask them to not smoke around you as this could cause you to crave a cigarette.

When the cravings get too much, go for a long walk, take yourself into the fresh air and remind yourself how far you have come in your smokefree journey. Whether you have been quit for 2 days, 4 weeks, 10 months or even 5 years, it’s always a good idea to remind yourself why you quit in the first place. Was it for your health? For your family? You will always have a reason to stay quit, so remind yourself of this on the harder days.

Utilise our services, our advisors are here to help you and to keep you smokefree, we understand that sometimes it is easier to talk to someone you don’t know about the issues you are facing. Our advisors are available for telephone appointments to keep you on track, we also have a text messaging service where we will send you motivational texts to remind you of how far you have come as well as tips to get you through the day without a cigarette.


There are many ways we can help:

Quit online -

Our online quit tool will allow you to create your own personal profile and will support you on a daily basis through your quit journey.

Telephone support - our advisors are on hand to answer any questions or provide additional support as you need it. You can call 0800 612 0011 (free from landlines) or 0330 660 1166.

Visit our frequently asked questions section to find out more:

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