Cut out Secondhand Smoke for Stoptober!

Published at 11 September, 2017.

Cut out Secondhand Smoke for Stoptober!

With Stoptober approaching, make sure you’re educated on the facts so you can make an informed decision to stop smoking. Smoking not only affects your health, it can affect people around you, whether it be friends, family, pets or co-workers. Read this article so you know exactly what you are doing to the people around you.


Although smoking in your own home is allowed, it may not be the best thing to do. If you have children, you could be putting them at an even greater risk. Smoking around your children can increase their chances of ear infections, developing asthma, chronic coughs and many other illness’ which can become serious. Not only are you increasing their risk to illness, your children are now more likely to start smoking as a teenager.


By smoking, you are slowly ruining your house. Did you know all the toxins and chemicals transfer into your surroundings? Which means that the walls and furniture in your home pick up all the tar and toxins you are smoking. Your walls will start to turn yellow. If you try and wash your walls you will see a considerable difference. As for the furniture, fabric will be affected and start to deteriorate- not to mention it will start to become covered in cigarette ash. Any surface will start to change colour and overall changes the appearance of your home.


You might not be smoking in the workplace; however, smoking can decrease your productivity in the office. When you smoke, you are more likely to have illness, which results in more time off work compared to a none smoker. All these factors combined means you cost your employer more money and therefore puts you at more risk of being unemployed.

All these aspects combine to show you how much of a risk you are to yourself and other things around you. Don’t let this carry on, change the way you look at things and start Stoptober!


If you’re wanting some advice on second hand smoke and want to give up the cigs to improve yours and your families health, give our friendly, expert advisors a call at Yorkshire Smokefree:

Take part in Stoptober where you make a pledge for 28 days to ditch the cigs whilst our trained advisors offer advice, support, tips and tricks to help you become smoke free!

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