Quit smoking for Cervical Cancer Awareness Week

Published at 21 January, 2019.

Yorkshire Smokefree Cervical Cancer Awareness

This week marks Cervical Cancer Awareness Week and there's no better time to highlight the dangers of smoking and this devastating disease.

Smoking is a big risk factor when it comes to developing cervical cancer. 21% of cervical cancer diagnoses are a direct result of smoking (Cancer Research UK). 

The risk increases with the more cigarettes you smoke a day and the younger your age when you start smoking.

It's important to go for your smears when invited to do so and always watch out for the following symptoms:

  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding (heavy periods, bleeding between periods, bleeding after sex)
  • Vaginal bleeding after you've been through the menopause
  • A smelly vaginal discharge
  • Pain during sex
  • Blood-stains or mucus in your vaginal discharge
  • Pain in your pelvis or back

These symptoms are often a sign of something else and not necessarily cervical cancer so don't be alarmed. If you have any of these symptoms, book an appointment with your GP. 

Being a smoker means your body may not be as able to clear the HPV virus, the virus that can cause cervical cancer. Smoking also makes it harder to treat abnormal cells on your cervix. 

It's never too late to stop smoking but the sooner you stop, the better. 

Yorkshire Smokefree are here to support you throughout your quit. We provide the stop smoking service in Barnsley, Calderdale, Doncaster, Sheffield and Wakefield. To make an appointment, call us today on 0800 612 0011 (FREE from landlines) or 0330 6600 1166 (FREE from most mobiles). You can also fill in your details here and a stop smoking advisor will be in touch. 

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