Stop smoking success in Calderdale according to new figures!

Published at 11 April, 2019.

Stop smoking success in Calderdale according to new figures!

More than half the people using Yorkshire Smokefree in Calderdale managed to quit, according to the latest figures.

In the six months from April to September last year, 618 people in Calderdale signed up with the NHS Stop Smoking Service and set themselves a date to quit. At follow-up meetings four weeks later 345 people said they had given up, according to NHS England data.

That's 56%, which is above the average rate for England of 51%!

The success rate is based on self-reported results of people who said that they hadn't had a puff for two weeks since their quit date. But, 42% of those who set a date proved they'd kicked the habit by having a test that checks carbon monoxide in their bloodstream.

Smokers aged 60 and over were most successful in quitting.

Yorkshire Smokefree offers support with one-to-one counselling or group sessions. Medicines that help with nicotine cravings can also be prescribed, while some people also use over the counter products. 

Amazing work from the Yorkshire Smokefree Calderdale, keep up the great work!

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