5 Minute Coffee Break - Steps To Success on "No Smoking Day"

Published at 08 March, 2022.

5 Minute Coffee Break - Steps To Success on "No Smoking Day"

If you are ready to stop smoking, then "No Smoking Day" on the 9th March 2022 could be the day you take your first step. If you are ready to spring forward into action and are raring to get going that`s great. Or maybe you are feeling a little apprehensive or unsure as you contemplate taking the first steps. Let`s talk it over with a coffee and you`ll be one step closer to being smoke free

However you are feeling about taking your first steps on the journey to becoming smoke free, being prepared is the key. Setting a quit date such as the 9th March is your first proactive step. Let significant other people know you are quitting smoking so you will feel supported and ready. Think about identifying how you might reward yourself after each step you take towards your smoke free goal. Writing a list of the pros and cons, and realising how much you have to gain is useful at this step. You can refer back to this list at any time, especially if you are struggling or reached a step where you may feel stagnant in your progress

If you have tried to stop smoking before then this could be the day you take your next step to trying again. Never give up on giving up, because every time you try you`ll be one step closer to being successful in achieving your smoke free goal. Be encouraged not discouraged if you have tried before. If you have relapsed then try again. Some people need more than one or two attempts. This does not mean you failed on your first or second try. Be encouraged that you have tried before. You can use these previous attempts as valuable learning tools for your next attempt on "No Smoking Day". Get to know and learn what triggers you to smoke and plan how you can avoid these triggers and manage them better next time. This awareness will see you through the rest of the steps of your quit journey 

Step onto the first step to achieving your smoke free goal with a positive mindset and a list of your reasons why you are quitting and the rest of the steps will follow. Remember it is ok to struggle at times and this is a natural part of giving up smoking. You may take a step backwards at times or feel like you are stuck on the same step for a while. Pause for thought on this step for a little time and remember how far you have travelled on your stop smoking journey so far. Reward yourself and be encouraged to keep on stepping until you are smoke free for good!

Don`t let your fear of cravings stop you from taking the first step and the next. Cravings and withdrawal symptoms are a normal part of stopping smoking that you can learn to deal with and manage in ways that are right for you. Keep hydrated and use relaxation or breathing techniques. This can help with most withdrawal symptoms, as can distraction and keeping busy. Use puzzles or activities such as knitting which seems to be the "go to" hobby amongst quitters at the moment! Why not form a knitting circle and call yourselves the Knitting Quitters! 

The sooner you take your first step, the sooner your health will benefit. Be prepared with the right support you need and the right tools. Have a look at the Nicotine Replacement Stop Smoking products that are available and check out the NHS Stop Smoking App, website and Stop Smoking Service in preparation for taking your first steps this “No Smoking Day”

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