Zafar Client Story

After spending over 30 years smoking, I approached Yorkshire Smokefree Wakefield with apprehension. I didn’t have immediate health concerns that made me decide to stop, but I wanted to prevent harmful health issues from occurring in the future.

I knew I needed help, and the sessions I spent with Claire helped a great deal. The service was adult, bespoke and collaborative. It acted as an invaluable focal point I could not have done without. It was tailored to my specific needs and lifestyle. What was it that would ‘trigger’ me into having a cigarette? Was it certain times of day? Responses to certain pressures? Discussing these helped me focus on the underlying causes of smoking.

Over the sessions, we developed tools I would employ to help me become more resilient. The regular measuring of carbon monoxide was particularly useful as it helped to keep me on track. It was a difficult process, where there were some lapses, but my advisor did not reprimand me. She was encouraging and optimistic.

Stopping smoking is the single best health decision I have made. I’m breathing better, have more energy and motivation. If stopping smoking is the best decision you can make, the second best is to make an action plan on how to do this. Yorkshire Smokefree will support you all the way.

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