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Huge congratulations to ex-smoker Sandra who quit with the support of Yorkshire Smokefree. In her own words, her story will help motivate your own full-stop journey. 
When did you start smoking?
I was sixteen years of age when I first started.
Do you remember why you began?
I was in my final year of senior school surrounded by a peer group who were regularly smoking, I succumbed to the peer pressure and joined in. 
How many cigarettes were you smoking? 
I was smoking thirty a day, sometimes forty. Quickly the habit became a way to ease boredom and other related issues.
What were your main reasons for quitting?
I am hoping for grandchildren soon and do not want to be the cause of them taking up smoking or becoming unhealthy in the future. My health was a big factor as I was using my inhaler all the time during physical activity. 
What kind of support did you access?
I personally opted for group support, as speaking to others, sharing experiences and seeing other people like me, having the same struggles was extremely helpful in making me feel less alone. It provided much-needed encouragement.  
How would you rate the support you received out of ten?
I wouldn’t rate it out of ten, I’d give it a full 100.
Did you use medication to help you quit?
Yes, I used the medication prescribed through my doctor to stop cravings. 
How helpful were they?
They really worked for me, and proved to be a useful tool during my full-stop journey.
How has your health improved since you quit?
I have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) but I have noticed I can breathe much more clearly since quitting, especially in the mornings. 
Have you achieved anything since quitting which you couldn’t have when smoking?
My friends and family have noticed a big difference, they say that I’m more chatty and sociable since I quit.
What do you like about NOT smoking?
I like the way my clothes and home always smell clean and fresh, which boosts my general mood.
How much money have you saved by not smoking?
I’ve saved a fortune per month, which I never expected. 
Do you have any plans to treat yourself?
I’ve already bought myself some new clothes, and I’m planning to get a whole new wardrobe to celebrate.
What advice would you give to anyone who has recently started smoking or advice to your younger self? 
I’d say don’t smoke! Don’t let yourself get the taste for it!

If you feel inspired by Sandra’s and would like support in quitting, or to register for a Callback Request today.