After being diagnosed with COPD, Peter quit smoking with the help of Yorkshire Smokefree Doncaster

"I decided to visit Yorkshire Smokefree as it felt like it was the right time to quit smoking, I felt really ill and subsequently find out why. I found out I had COPD and it feels like smoking has ruined my health but I still have a chance of a longer lasting, healthier life. 

I've suffered with mental health issues all my life, I have severe anxiety and depression which has made my life a living hell, as I also have PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). 

Yorkshire Smokefree have been very welcoming, understanding and help during my quit smoking journey. I look forward to every Tuesday at 3pm as they have been my rock. Heather is so supportive and enthusiastic in supporting me. I've not let myself down and I've not let Heather down.

Stopping smoking is the most positive thing I've ever done. 

The most difficult thing about quitting was the fear and anxiety. I thought 'oh my god I'm stopping smoking' but I felt it was the right time.

Since I've quit smoking, I feel really healthy. Before, I was a wreck inside and out. My breathing has improved 10 fold and my cough has disappeared. I'm much more confident and I can train better at the gym! I go to the gym every day now, it's my escape.

Stopping smoking has changed my life in a number of ways. Financially I am a little better off. Healthwise I am way better off. I can do things which were a problem before. My confidence has massively improved too.

Yorkshire Smokefree have been perfect. The encouragement from the text messages has helped me and reminded me how well I'm doing. 

I'm proud of myself for finally stopping smoking. I have been trying to quit for 10 years but the longest I've ever managed is 6 months."

Amazing work Peter, you've done so well!

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