Mrs Stain

Mrs Stain

Today we’re celebrating Mrs. Kudlip Stain from Sheffield, who has kicked the smoking habit for good and through her smokefree journey discovered healthier ways to be mindful, peaceful and aims to (literally) climb mountains, with the help our expert advisors and the support of her husband Tim. We caught up with her to get the low-down on her experiences. 

What was the main reason for accessing the service? 

I loved smoking, but I knew it was terrible for me because I couldn’t enjoy a single one of my favourite activities without heavy wheezing. I saw the pandemic as an opportunity to quit smoking forever, it also meant I wouldn’t be grumpy with my friends and colleagues during withdrawal and cravings because we’d all be staying at home.

Did you believe you could achieve four weeks smokefree? 

No, I didn’t. Especially in the early days when the goal I’d set for myself to quit seemed so far away, there were days I didn’t think I could reach it.  Without my advisor and my ever-patient husband, I would have given up.

Have you used stop smoking medication to quit? 

I used nicotine patches and supplemented them with nicotine gum, it acted as a daily tool which stopped my cravings being quite as much of a challenge.

How helpful did you find it? 

Very helpful for staying strong, but I found having an advisor equally important. My advisor provided advice and guidance to keep me motivated, inspired and maintaining my commitment to becoming truly smokefree, especially in the early days when I was less confident. 

How did having an advisor make you feel supported?

During those first six weeks, they helped me maintain the commitment to the smokefree process without which the medication would be next to useless. I think everyone who goes through the process of quitting should have just ONE or two people on their side who has a strong presence and patient attitude to work through the difficult low points and anchorage you to celebrate the highs.

What was great about accessing the service on the phone? 

Its flexible and accessible with understanding, friendly advisors that really take the time to understand your situation. Just as I must be non-judgmental, patient and supportive in the classroom, so are the advisors. They listen patiently to your moaning and they help you to formulate a plan. They do not tell you what to do, its a collaboration. 

Has lockdown had an effect on your quit? 

I’m a teacher, so being currently unable to work in school I’ve cut out a big lump of stress, that has allowed me to focus on myself and my progress when I’d usually be putting the kids first. 

What’s next for you after becoming smokefree?

I plan to do the couch to 5K marathon when the world is back up and fully running, I am loving hillwalking but I also intend to return to mountaineering too! It’s going to be exciting. 

If you feel inspired to climb mountains just like Kudlip and would like to take control and go smokefree, register for a Callback Request today.

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