The main reason I quit smoking was to improve my health and save money but I didn't think I would get past 4 hours smokefree, let alone 4 weeks. I have tried before and went back to smoking. I wasn't confident this time that I could successfully do it, I had the doubt. I have managed 12 weeks and can safely say I am an anti-smoker now!

I used champix tablets and a vape without nicotine to help me quit, it really helped as I have tried other products in the past but this did the trick for me.

The support from the serrvice really helped, advisors Sarah and Neil have been absoloutely brilliant, it really makes a difference.

I knew the service had a website, so I had a brief look but I'm not a techy person really.

There's not been a massive change to my health as I ran into some new health issues and had a fall but I have seen a change in my mentality towards smoking and dealing with stress. I haven't achieved anything yet but I am waiting to see especially with golf, but I have saved money that I would have struggled to do before so I can treat my wife.

Lockdown hasn't made much difference, as I have worked all the way through the pandemic and I'm not a very sociable smoker so it's not had an impact in the way it might do for some others.

I have found that accessing the service via the telephone is more convenient, and it's nice to know I have that person on the end of the phone for the support. Telephone conversations are relaxed as I am in my own home and can build a better rapport. I can understand that some people may find face to face appointments difficult and awakward, and may be more reserved, much like a GP or other health appointment.

The advisors in this service are friendly and easy to speak to. Face to face could take up a lot more time out of the day with travelling there and back, as well as the appointment duration. With telephone calls you can get about your business without much interference to your day with a call. It's far better to have appointments this way in my opinion.

Smoking was a habit and a habit that I am glad I no longer have. My health is better and I am seeing the benefits in my pocket too. If you're thinking of quitting, I'd say just get out there and do it, I didn't think it was possible after 40 years of smoking but I did it!

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Telephone support - our advisors are on hand to answer any questions or provide additional support as you need it. You can call 0800 612 0011 (free from landlines) or 0330 660 1166.

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