Marija Success Story

Meet Marija, a determined individual who embarked on the journey to quit smoking driven by concerns raised by her children and health issues such as low iron levels and difficulty breathing.

Having previously quit during pregnancy, Marija approached her journey with a mixture of hope and uncertainty. Before her first appointment with Yorkshire Smokefree, she grappled with doubts about her ability to succeed, recognising the mental hold of smoking as a significant challenge.

Marija relied on stop smoking medication, specifically nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), coupled with unwavering support and encouragement from her advisor and loved ones, to aid in her journey towards becoming smoke free. Additionally, she found the resources provided by Yorkshire Smokefree, including motivational content and videos in the Client Zone, to be instrumental in her success.

Transitioning into a smoke-free life brought immediate benefits for Marija, including improved breathing and overall health, along with notable financial savings. She values the sense of support and companionship offered by Yorkshire Smokefree, appreciating that she's not alone in her journey to quit smoking.

Today, Marija reflects on her journey with pride, recognizing the tangible improvements in her health and the liberation from the burden of smoking. Her experience underscores the significance of support, motivation, and access to resources in the journey to quit smoking, demonstrating that with determination and the right support, anyone can overcome the habit.

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