Lee Success Story

A big well done to Lee after he made the decision to take back control of his health, finances and quality of life to achieve smoke-free success for good. We caught up with him for a chat. 

Hey Lee! What was your main reason for accessing the service? 

Health was the best reason I had for wanting to quit, it was a gradual build-up of becoming teetotal, suffering from a chest infection made worse by the habit and not being able to use my sense of smell and taste properly. I had to make a change if I wanted the life I wished to live, and knew it was finally time to stop smoking.

Did you believe you could be smoke-free for 4 weeks?

I wasn’t so sure at first, I was in two minds but after persevering through the first week the support really started to work and it all got much easier. 

Have you used any medication to help you quit?

Yes, I used nicotine patches and quick mist. I found it so helpful when I had cravings, as the combination got rid of the urge in seconds. 

Aside from medication, what helped you through? 

For me it was having motivational texts and being able to speak to an advisor instantly, it made me feel I wasn’t alone. 

How has your health improved since you quit?

I can smell plants, fresh-cut grass and blossoms when I’m out in the garden again - sometimes I really missed! I’m also enjoying the food I thought I forgot the taste of when I was a smoker, especially my favourite bacon and sausages. I don’t get chest infections anymore and my breathing is going from strength to strength, I’ve actually started going for runs and taking exercise. 

What do you feel you’ve achieved since quitting? 

I can now save money, it’s surprising how it mounts up when I’m not spending on cigarettes. 

What effect has lockdown had on you? 

I’ve had support from the service throughout and its really seen me through the worst. In a way, it’s been easier to stay away from temptation. That is something I will take forward even after the pandemic is over, time to reflect, relax and love the simple things - no habit can replace those when you really consider it. 

What advice would you give to others just like you? 

You’ll get through the challenges, try today and you’ll feel proud of yourself tomorrow. 

If you feel inspired by Lee’s story and would like support in quitting register for a Callback Request today.

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